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CoJo Mfg.

CoJo Gun Magnet

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This is our Premier Product! The patented design was initially developed for overall shotgun safety in duck blinds to prevent accidental gun discharges, then concerns shifted to all types of deer stands. However, we also love it because it can hold all pistols in all positions, revolvers and semi-autos alike. It's unique "V" shaped design, houses two of the highest grade rare earth magnets available, which gives this device its phenomenal strength and ability. The small 2" x 4" case is made of soft polypropylene, so there is no worry of marring your gun's finish. With two grommeted mounting holes, it can be easily installed virtually anywhere to hold your pistol and extra mag, for example: under a desk, behind a night stand, or behind a curtain. It also can be mounted in vehicles, such as: side console, under dash, glovebox, etc. Belt loops are provided for convenient access to tools, pocket knives, or extra mags. The CoJo Gun Magnet can save your life in more ways than one by also giving you fast, convenient access to your firearm in that time of need. When good vs. evil, be ready for the situation!

(Hardware Included)