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Bent Oak Outdoors, LLC

Bent Oak Headlamps

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The Bent Oak Triple Threat Light combines 3 lights in 1. The unique feature of having a spot and 2 different colored led walking lights with variable settings allow users to control the brightness and application they need all from one switch. Anodized housing allows users to utilize the light in all types of weather and conditions while weighing only 9 ounces with the battery installed. The Lithium Ion battery is fully rechargeable without removing it from the light and is protected inside a battery tube with a waterproof seal making it one of the most versatile and cost efficient lights on the market today.
Weight: 9 ounces (with battery installed)
Burn times:
Spot High: 3 continuous hours
Spot Medium: 40 Hours
Spot low: 80 hours
Walking Light High: 15 Hours
Walking Light low: 50 Hours
Charging: Protective PCB to prevent overcharging, low voltage and short circuits. Smart charger automatic shutoff when fully charged.