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CoJo Mfg.

CoJo Vehicle Gun Magnet

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We at CoJo are proud to announce our new Gun Magnet designed specifically for vehicle use.Our patented v-shaped design houses two of the highest grade rare earth magnets available, giving this vehicle gun mount it's phenomenal strength and ability. The small 2" x 3" case is made of soft polypropylene with 6 rubber ribs, so there is no worry of marring the guns finish. With two grommeted mounting holes, it can be installed virtually anywhere to hold your pistol and extra mag, for example: side console, under dash, glove box, trunk, etc. (hardware included) The CoJo Vehicle Gun Mount installs in minutes with many mounting options for a lifetime of use. It also magnetizes on the back side, making it adhere to metal objects without the need for screws, such as gun safes, bed rails, and metal blinds or stands. Thank you for your interest and consideration, our staff will serve you with the utmost, professional top-quality service.

(Hardware Included)